Insights for ArcGIS : an innovative and intelligent application

You notice that your maps are interesting but you consider it’s a pity not to be able to manage enough the quantity of information which they contain? The Insights for ArcGIS application may be made for you !

A new application proposed to the users

Released with ArcGIS Server 10.5 in December 2016, it’s the fruit of the collaboration of ESRI, pioneer in the geographical information systems, with other companies as IBM Cognos, Salesforce or still Power BI. It remains a Premium application (with an extra cost) which is accessible directly since your ArcGIS homepage.

With this novelty, ESRI aims to bring another look on our cartographic productions and to offer a support as high as Big Data.

From usual functionalities of GIS…

In Insights for ArcGIS, you organize your work in folders. You can incorporate data coming directly from your ArcGIS platform, or from your personal data sources (Excel document, database…). It should be noted that the application allows to use geographical data as well as not geographical.

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We shall notice (picture 1) that the sources of data are listed on a menu to the left of the map. As in all classic geographical information system, it is possible to display the table of the data, to make spatial queries, or to modify the symbology. So, if you have too many points, or if you want to clear geographical tendencies, it is possible to show density maps (picture 2).


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…but not only

What makes then Insights for ArcGIS different from other GIS tools ? It is before everything the possibility of showing any kinds of graphs and diagrams to emphasize and understand your data (picture 3). The application indeed proposes multiple options of display to present them according to your choices. By default, it is the bar graph that is proposed, but you can choose to show curves, histograms, sector diagrams, etc. One of the main assets of these options is being able to detect absurd points in your data or to analyze their statistical dependence, create models …


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A smart application

It’s one of the better asset of this new application there. In every action, it anticipates what the user wants to make and proposes possible options. The application indeed organizes hidden behaviors from every activity which you realize : it understands your way of working. Thus, when you want to display the data, it suggests a choice to you which you can confirm or not, and list the best ways to present the results. It allows in particular to automate your actions afterwards with applicable and predifined models.
It is in the end a GIS application which seems innovative, and is added to the long range of ESRI products which vary your experiences.

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