« Topogram, » a web tool for mapping and visualization of spatio-temporal networks

« Topogram is a web-based and open-source toolkit to represent and explore networks and relationships. It aims at representing dynamic networks to allow observation of changes over time. Also, it includes a geo visualization to see spatial existence of networks. » (C. RENAUD)

This software is used to explore complex graphs that includes words, people, things…

People are able to use it to observe the evolution of changes that occur in a network. These are some examples : social media (email lists), events, Geo-data (explore social, spatio -temporal aspects of data)…

Topogram is able to extract and treat elements selected within data files ; it can also, apply various processes of visualization (time line, networks projections on maps…)

The latter was originally conceived by Clément Renaud during his PhD research about Internet memes on the social Network Sina Weibo. (topogram.io)

His PhD was about the development of a data mining and visualization toolkit to study the information is shared on online social network services.

As he said it: « This software allows to observe relationships between conversational, semantical, temporal and geographical dimensions of online communication acts. » (C. RENAUD, Thèse 2014)

On the Official website (topogram.io), you can learn to create a topogram, get data, add nodes, edges, and of course visualize them.

Finally, it answers the growing need for interactive mapping of complex online and offline interactions. In addition, it helps to make sense of a stream text data without hours of development. You can share the results of your analysis easily, and use them in your own web browser.

His software has received the second price of the geo visualization and dynamic maps competition in 2015.

An example of application: The analysis of musical tours:
At the top the links between rooms within the tour of a same artist, at the bottom the same view but on a basemap from OpenStreetMap. The two processes of visualization are complementary. (Source : « « Topogram », outil web de cartographie et de visualisation spatio-temporelle des réseaux – [email protected] ». Consulté le 23 novembre 2017. http://mappemonde.mgm.fr/118gv4/.)



Well, feel free to take a look at this website!





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