You can now anticipate the best moment to do an autumn hike in the US

The Great Smoky Moutains National Park

It’s now possible to know where and when to go to do the most beautiful autumnal hike in order to admire the hues of the foliage in the US, when landscape is the most colored. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park of Tennessee and North Carolina has developed an interactive map on his website which allows to anticipate the fall and the color of the foliage for each counties in the US, in order to promote tourism in the protected natural area. This tool is meant to help travelers time their trips to have the best opportunity of catching peak color each year.

Picture of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’ forest in autumn


Based on the average temperatures observed since 1900 in the US, the map provides the average temperature for the next days. As average temperatures continue to slowly increase, their effects on precipitation patterns and weather have an impact on the brightness and length of the fall color season, allowing to deduct the peak of colors for local forest.

Average US temperatures since 1900 allowing to provide approximately next temperatures trends

Interactive map results

The results are represented by 7 colors matching 7 categories of color’s intensity from “No change” to “Past Peak”, the perfect moment to organize your hike being “Near Peak” and « Peak ».


Fall foliage the October 29th 2018


Fall foliage the November 26th 2018

If you planned to hike in the US, you should organize quickly, the great season finishes soon !


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