Fire Information for Australia’s Convenient Fire Management System

After the Amazon, the Congo Basin, California and New Caledonia, it is Australia that is on the canvas with its fires of exceptional magnitude. Australia has been hit by huge forest fires for several months already. Since September 2019, we have witnessed the spread of fires across the country. The damages, far from being finished, are currently estimated at 10 million hectares, several animal losses as well as human losses. At least 28 people (including firefighters) have lost their lives and more than a billion animals were killed. Australia is a territory frequently affected by bush fires but the current fires are not of normal magnitude.


Geolocalization of fires

As a result, thanks to the « Fire Information for Resource Management System » platform, developed by NASA, we can follow the development of fires around the world and more precisely in Australia. In the application we can see the extent of fires in the last 24 hours, 48 ​​hours, 72 hours or even the last 7 days.

Mesh fire history

We can also with the application see the history of areas burned since 2012. These are represented in the form of meshes. From a gradient from yellow to red. Red is the areas that have experienced the most fire. These areas have experienced at least 100 fires since 2012.



Burned areas

Finally another part of the application draws the burnt surfaces. However it is important to specify that this calculation is not done in time and hour but more on a shift of three. What on the immediate side might be less useful but in the long run at the time of the balance sheet have a projection on the general extent of the fires.So as an illustration on the following image we can see the burnt area of ​​September 2019 and the extension during the month of October in red

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