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Alcohol consumption of French people in maps

According to a study by Santé Publique France published on Tuesday 13 January. French  people have been drinking less and less since the 1960s due to the gradual decline in wine consumption. France, however, ranks sixth among the 34 OECD countries in terms of alcohol consumption. However, depending the region, consumption habits are very diverse. In terms of age, Santé Publique France details that in 2017, 10% of the population aged from 18 to 70  in France consumed alcohol on a daily basis.   Strong variations between regions However strong disparities are observed. Daily consumption rates by region can vary between 7.1 and 12.6%. Actually many French people opt for a monthly heavy consumption of alcohol (6 glasses or more on one occasion). This varies from 13. 9% in Île-de-France to 20. 5% in Brittany with a national average of 16. 2%. Thus, 12. 6% of Occitans drank daily in 2017, making Occitania the region consuming the most alcohol every day, ahead of New-Aquitaine (12. 3%) and Hauts-de-France (11. 5%). In the West, 10. […]

The first global map of earthworms

Earthworms: what do they do ? Earthworms live in the soil. They eat dead matter and transform it into valuable nutrient for plants. By crawling through the earth, they are able to bring air and water to the deeper layers of the ground. Their actions also enable them […]

Sea Ice Aware, the scientific application that raises awareness.

The general context Sea ice concentration is both an indicator and driver of high-latitude climate change with strong societal and ecological importance. In order to raise awareness and inform the general public about the impacts of climate change in the polar regions, a multitude of tools have emerged […]