Mapping of « useless major projects »

« Reporterre », « Le Mouvement » and « Partager C’est Sympa »  have created a collaborative map with « useless and imposed major projects »: hypermarket extension, tourist complexes or intensive farms.

After major high-profile cases such as Notre-Dame des Landes Airport or Europacité which were both abandoned. Questions arise, what will be the next major projects that will be abandoned?

In France, many large-scale projects arouse opposition from part of the population for social or environmental reasons. Actions are carried out in different forms: petitions, legal proceedings or the creation of ZAD.

This interactive map brings together all these struggles, created by the media Reporterre, the citizen mobilization NGO Le Mouvement and the YouTuber Partager C’est Sympa. They titled these abandoned projects: « large useless and imposed projects » (GPII). On the site, they give an explanation to this designation. It comes from the World Social Forum in Tunis in 2013, during this forum, they named projects constituting an « ecological, socio-economic and human disaster ». These projects do not integrate the population into decision-making.


Mobilization for citizens

Over a hundred projects have been counted, under 7 categories: transport, energy, concreting, trade, industry, agriculture, and waste. This card is collaborative, that is to say, that everyone can participate by filling out a form providing some information about the project in question.

This card is also intended for future candidates for the municipal elections which will take place this year. So some choose to take a stand for certain projects that exist on the territory and take into account the opinion of the population.

The creators of the card in collaboration with the association Notre Affaire à Tous, want to set up legal aid for collective citizens or struggling communities. For this, they will create a guide to highlight the possible remedies at the local level.

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