Collaborative mapping with Ethermap

As the COVID-19 pandemic has generated growing worries regarding the time and conditions of the reopening of international flights, some had declared summer 2020 canceled. But fear not. Surely we will most likely spend our next holidays in France, but this also might be the perfect opportunity to learn and share our knowledge about France’s secret treasures.


Ethermap, or how to plan your next holidays


Ethermap is a collaborative mapping tool. It was initially put in place to register all incidents and consequences related to natural disasters such as earthquakes or landslides. This comes from the fact that it can be used by multiple users as once.

Ethermap is a tool which allows its users to create maps of their own. The latter can then be enriched according to the users’ preferences. It is therefore possible to pinpoint various locations, which can be places such as restaurants, bars, bookshops and so on. Ethermap offers an Open Street Map background map on which users can add pinpoints simultaneously.


Sharing maps


For instance, if you are planning holidays away with some friends, each can put their favorite locations on a map. Ethermap also offers the possibility to share the maps that have been created with this platform. Maps can be diffused by sharing the maps’ URLS. Maps can also be searched on Ethermap’s website thanks to their creators’ usernames.



Open data and a free tool

Ethermap gives to everyone the opportunity to create personalize maps on their own. It doesn’t require any subscription on their website and is completely free of charge. All this makes it a relevant tool even for commercial purposes. Ethermap’s source code is also available on their website and be modified, consequently allowing users to create their very own codes and go even further in personalizing their maps.


The possibilities of Ethermap aren’t revolutionary per se. Its main fonctionnalities can already be matched by those offered by Google Maps or Bing. However, its interface is quite pleasant and can easily be managed by novices.



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