How to better manage your crops

Bored of having huge books about crops? Nowadays you can find everything on your smartphone. So what if you could type what you are growing into an app, which could then tell you how to take care of it? It would help you better manage your crops, increasing […]

L’antarctique comme vous ne l’avez jamais vu !

  L’antarctique est le continent probablement le plus hostile pour l’Homme, mais depuis quelques semaines il est aussi le continent le mieux cartographier selon plusieurs chercheurs américains. En effet, à partir de plusieurs centaines de milliers d’images satellites, prises entre 2009 et 2017, l’équipe de la National Geospatial-Intelligence […]

Intel wants to map the world roads

Intel, which is well known for their processors, has bought in 2016 Mobileye for 15,3 billion dollars, a company which produces ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). They now want to take part in the world of autonomous cars and dominate it. But how they intend to do that […]