Collaborative mapping with Ethermap

As the COVID-19 pandemic has generated growing worries regarding the time and conditions of the reopening of international flights, some had declared summer 2020 canceled. But fear not. Surely we will most likely spend our next holidays in France, but this also might be the perfect opportunity to […]

Epidemic Tracker: mapping epidemics and pandemics

Mapping Epidemics: why actual data is necessary Media all around the globe are currently in a frenzy because of an epidemic. Since the beginning of January 2020, numerous cases of the Novel Coronavirus have been reported outside of China. The virus was first identified in the city of […]

The first global map of earthworms

Earthworms: what do they do ? Earthworms live in the soil. They eat dead matter and transform it into valuable nutrient for plants. By crawling through the earth, they are able to bring air and water to the deeper layers of the ground. Their actions also enable them […]

Drones and maps: India’s frog leap

With its 3 287 259 square kilometers, India is one of the largest countries in the world. On top of that, the country’s development is often questioned because it’s an emergent one. The government has however announces a project using drones to map 75% of its territory with […]

Crime fighting with GIS : the case of Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge and crime Baton Rouge’s authorities have developed an efficient tool to predict the places in which crime is most likely to happen. This new tool is strongly linked to the context of the town. In Baton Rouge, as well as in other  cities of Louisiana, crime has proven to be […]

The geography of plastic debris in oceans

It seems that everyday, we discover new ways in which human activities have taken place over the globe and centuries with little consideration of its environment. As we grow more environmentally aware, the damages caused to the Earth seem to multiply. As many Asian governments are currently refusing […]

Developing a tool for New Orleans’ transport system

During the course of the 2018 Fall semester, the GIS master of Cergy-Pontoise university has developed potential suggestions to help New Orleans manage its exposure to risks and hazards. My team was in charge of the city’s transport system. The article that follows details the tool we aimed to developed to fail the many hazards New Orleans is facing.