Nady Nassar

Geocœur at the Heart of Saving Lives

In region of Moselle, Geocœur was launched in 2021. It is an innovative improvement for defibrillators which are devices used to treat cardiac arrhythmias by generating electric shocks through the chest of a patient suffering from such afflictions. Modern automated external defibrillators (AED) are often found in public […]

The Rayshader Craze

Rayshader is a popular R package that creates high-quality 2D and 3D visualizations from elevation data matrices. Developed by Tyler Morgan-Wall, the package has gained momentum among researchers, scientists, and data visualization professionals for its impressive hillshade maps and 3D views. Rayshader’s powerful raytracing tool allows users to […]

The Kessler Syndrome or the Doom of Satellites

The launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957 ushered the exciting era of space travel and modern telecommunications with it. Since then, thousands of launches successfully delivered their payload in orbit, with most of it in low earth orbit (not more than 2,000 km above sea level). As a […]

The Monopoly of Esri

With an estimated 43% of the GIS market share worldwide in 2018, Esri is by far the leader in the sector. The runner-up would only have around 11% by comparison. This domination has multiple factors behind it: first, the company is the true pioneer of modern GIS software, […]

Music Borders: Transcending Political Maps

Mat Daniels is a journalist who created a map showing the musical trend all around the world based on data from YouTube from 2018 until 2021. The map, titled Music Borders, gives an interesting insight on popular songs by analyzing the traffic on the streaming platform per city. […]

The Coming of 5G in and its Geospatial Implications

The new 5G telecommunications standard is here and it will accelerate interconnectivity across a range of multiple wireless devices. It has improved speed of data transmission, much reduced latency and allows more devices to connect simultaneously to the same network. This means that current tracking technology is on […]

GeoGuessr: an Unexpected Journey

GeoGuessr is an online game based on Google Street View. Players are presented with a random street view perspective and have to guess on the map where they are. It is a simple concept to say the least, but one that saw surprising growth, especially during the lockdowns […]

Polycam: 3D Scanning Made Easy

3D scanning has long been reserved to those who can afford expensive equipment. This remains true for high quality imagery (costing at least around a thousand USD for low-end desktop scanners up to tens of thousands of dollars for industrial-grade devices). The mobile application Polycam allows users to […]

Mapping the Internet : A Revelation of Perspective

The idea of creating a map of the internet isn’t new. Many have attempted since the democratization of interconnected networks, and especially with the massive growth of the world wide web. We can more or less categorize them as follow: Infrastructure maps: maps showing the geographical location of […]

Crowd Generated Maps with Cerberus

Dutch enterprise BlackShore developed Cerberus as a videogame where the player’s task is to analyze satellite imagery. Players have access to a variety of virtual flying drones that scan hexagonal plots of land. One must then classify the plots depending on criteria set by the current project (e.g. […]