Easter eggs on Swiss maps

For decades, mapmakers have been hiding the small images on official topographic maps of Switzerland (SwissTopo). They tried to outwit one of the most rigorous and prestigious map-making organizations in the world in order to leave a memory of themselves on the maps. But in some parts of […]

BeiDou, the Chinese GPS

For a long time, the American GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) or so-called GPS (Global Positioning System) has been dominating and used all around the world for all aspects of life such as smartphones, connected devices, airplanes or applications like Google Maps, Facebook, etc. But this is no […]

The Aerial Bold Project: The Alphabet from the Sky

This project was launched by Benedikt Gross, designer, and Joey Lee, geographer on October 2014. It is a project literally based on the alphabet shapes found in aerial imagery. Using these satellite images from around the world collected on Google Earth, you can write improbable texts from the sky. Using […]

Police starts collaborating with Google to find criminals

Investigators use Google data to find suspects or witnesses of a crime. Google tracks the location of its users all around the world and now, the police began to use this technology to find suspects or witnesses of a crime, while risking to detain the innocents. Last December, […]

Cartographic walk without risk

Fukushima: Google maps offers a virtual tour of a ghost town near the nuclear power plant Now, with a click of your mouse, you can take a depressing stroll through intact abandoned houses, without the slightest sign of life. The images reflect the silence of death. You have […]

The fake towns and streets made by cartographers

Bad news, guys! The maps we always used to rely on, sometimes can be wrong.  And they can be not just wrong by accident, on the contrary, they can be wrong on purpose. To create a map from scratch, one has to do years of fieldwork or analyzation […]